Schulzke Family

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Did we mention... Football?

Here's a quick update on Schulzke family life in January. Let me summarize: football, football, football. Don't worry, the other children aren't being ignored, but our first experience with tackle football for Tristian has been a learning one. He's enjoying it a lot! Here's a picture for you to see him in gear still in bad need of a haircut. With pictures of his hero Spencer Larsen (Denver Broncos, University of Arizona) all over his room along with the U of A colors, it's hard for him to ignore it's the thing he loves to do the most. So what are our plans for today? You guessed it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a letter out in the mail to all of our friends, so with apologies I'm posting a link to our Christmas greeting (pictures and all) for you to enjoy along with the year in review. Quintus is feeling really good right now about finally replacing the carpet with tile in the closet under the stairs. The previous owners seemed to have kept their dog(s) in there all day so there was an odor that we just couldn't get rid of. It's a big closet (85 sq-ft) and our food storage in packed back in there again. We all had a happy Christmas, and now it's time to carry in good works on and have a strong hope for the new year.