Schulzke Family

Sunday, February 3, 2008

John McCain hates me!

As we come within a day of Super Tuesday, in the Mesa Arizona Temple district, it is moreso a super Tuesday because will be made available for the church members here. That is an important even to rejoice about. On the political campaign trail, this article by Michael Reagan is a must read, especially if you are even contemplating voting for John McCain. I could care less who joins his bandwagon of supporters. Few of them are on my list of credible sources anyhow, including the Governor of California. Remember that David conquered Goliath with great faith, but maliciously had Bathsheba's husband killed to hide his adultery. Senator McCain honorably served his country, and specifically over the last four years has turned his back on the Arizona republicans by countering his representation of us in the Senate--reaching across the aisle, as he calls it, to side with the opposition on some very important issues. SAY NO TO SENATOR McCAIN ON FEBRUARY 5. If American Republicans prove themselves so ignorant of his lies and slander as to vote him in as our representative for president, I can assure you, Mr. McCain, that we too will "reach across the aisle" on November 4.