Schulzke Family

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

Time for a nice sleep after a fun Halloween night. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Put popularity aside and vote!

Friends who know me know that I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. While Senator McCain was certainly not my first choice on the Republican ticket (as you'll see in former posts here), he does not represent the same kind of wavering position upon assessment of his audience that Senator Obama has shown over and over. You may cry out propaganda all you want... Barak Obama built his own track record as each of us build our own. Please make a well thought-out choice not only for President but for all leaders and ballot issues before you. I am also supporting proposition 102 in Arizona to put a clear definition of marriage into the constitution of the state. Connecticut showed the nation last week that judges put themselves ahead of legislation. We need to put a stronger stake in the ground for the future of our children! See you at the voting block on November 4! -- Quintus Schulzke

Monday, October 13, 2008

The coming liberal thugocracy

Dear Friends, no matter what your political views I would like you to read this article by columnist, Michael Barone, The coming liberal thugocracy, and decide for yourself if you believe the freedoms of this country are at risk. I've long believed in being polite and considerate over being politically correct. The first is to be Christlike; the second is reminiscent of Marxism. Most of us have never faced such a threat, but when economies become desperate, remember the lessons of history that the doors open wide for dictators rise up with a promise of hope. Please become active this next month as our election draws near in defending what this wonderful country, that I've had the privilege of being a citizen of these last four years, stands for. Our generation hails the defenders of freedom, and future generations will hail you if you stand tall and strong through this struggle! Sincerely, Quintus Schulzke